Welcome !

(la version française, c’est par ici)

Groove Journey is a duo based in Paris : Caroline Zaini vocals, drums, guitar, keyboards, and Sam Camelia guitars, keyboards, drums and backing vocals.


We started working on our first record in Sept. 2016, which will be in something between Electronic music, Rock and pop, and should be finalized in April 2017. We decided to share this adventure with you !

As we post a lot of things at a high pace : Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter… we wrapped everything up in a portfolio.

But in this page, you can also reach our backstage where you will find featured contents, in other words things you will never see elsewhere on the Internet and social networks, or before these contents are issued on social networks. (for english speakers, we will try to translate everything in english)

A few words about the Groove Journey Factory…

We really wanted to make small music video footages on each title of our record, but not when everything is finished… but at each important step of a song : from the lyrics, song concept, melody composition, rehearsal tests, drums recording, sampling, mixing, to the final vocals recording.. All this stuff would turn out to be very complicated to follow, (even for us…) and in order to prevent us from loosing ourselves and the audience, we designed a factory we called the Groove Journey Factory, which embraces very well what we are living  now (our flats have turned into music studios…)

Please note that everything you see and hear has been done by the only 2 of us (Caroline & Sam), expting for the Sunday live videos, when a friend of us comes around to help… jeeez it was time… 🙂

Have a nice visit !