Almost done …

Dear english speaker,

This is it: EP’s last title has been recorded and arranged yesterday. We worked hard the whole summer at these 5 songs, we shared when they were ready. We will focus next week on mixing. Why ? Even if each song has been already mixed (to mix means to adjust all instrument levels, eq, dynamics and panoramic positionning), all of them now need a last polish step to keep a consistent sound in the whole EP. Indeed, you have not heard the last one “Addictions” which will be rather EDM. A very complicated exercise when you are used to chilling music. With binary and obvious stuffs you can easily consider what you do is ridiculous. This title will be released with the full package, not as a single track.

What have become the 10 titles Drawing a house, old songs, night life, … ? Well, there are many reasons we did not keep them all. We chose to strongly polish 5 titles rather than rush things up with 10-12 songs. We also decided to go one step further in the instrument sounds, notably in the drums with a genuine drum set. We also realized we truly needed genuine analog synths for specific instruments eg bass lines and leads. We also reviewed our approach of tempos and melodies : we wanted songs tempos to be “more assumed”, meaning not to be in the middle of nowhere between up and down tempo. We simplified melody writing in keeping only the instruments and song parts that a human being can clearly hear, sing and retain… Having all this in mind we admitted some songs needed to be totally reviewed or abandoned. Some songs were rearranged several times : Nothing to lose, formerly heteroflexible (13 versions), Addictions formerly Addictions and consequences (6 versions). Of course we do still have tons of things to learn but with time and experience, we became more efficient and pragmatic. Anyway, believe us: what you hear is truly what we did with our studio gear (except the drums toms mics we borrowed to a friend :). Nothing was sampled or borrowed from anywhere.

What comes next ?

Once the mixing and mastering finished, the EP will be posted to all platforms (Itunes, Google play, …). We’ll order physical CDs to offer them to our most faithful supporters, should they be in France or abroad. We also plan to celebrate, with a release party somewhere in Paris.

We will prepare a video music on the title which will have the best audience results, with probably a crowd funding process.  Then we will also enter in a new phase in the promotion process, with something finished to share, meaning we will try to be interviewed in blog spheres, be heard on radios. We will also seek musicians and prepare gigs for the winter.

As usual, as we do not have any contact or family in any music label, record company we will do things instead of waiting things to be done by themselves.


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